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Coins and medals are the most fascinating items to study and illustrate the history and evolution of economics.

Jean Elsen & ses Fils s.a. specialises in coins, medals, tokens and decorations made of all sorts of metal from all over the world, from any age, from Antiquity to the 20th century.
Our trimestrial lists include more than 2,000 new coins.

We offer all types of coins: stater, potin, tetradrachm, drachm, obol, aureus, solidus, tremissis, sestertius, denarius, Antoninian, bracteate, pfennig, Groschen, florin, écu, ducat, teston, ducaton, patagon, Albertin, Chaise d’or, Noble, Thaler, sovereign, franc …

Our specialties are Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Sassanid, Oriental, Medieval, Southern Netherlands and modern-day (Belgian, Dutch, Luxembourg, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swiss, Russian...) coins.


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